Professional attire

The importance or What not to wear…?

Some companies and institutions have a dress code. Such code gives clarity about what one is expected to wear. In absence of such code, it becomes more difficult. Of course, the code may differ per industry and per company, and also with the position one has within a company.


However, there are certain general rules for professional attire, such as: clean clothes, in one piece, no screaming colours, moderate make-up, no visible piercings or tattoos, no deep cleavage. when in doubt the answer is already there: you are a professional and should dress as such.

There are many different “dress codes”: casual, smart casual, business casual, lounge suit, business attire, tenue de ville, not to speak of smoking, white tie or morning suits. What to wear when , and what exactly should that be? What shoes to wear at which occasion? When are you overdressed, and when underdressed?

In the Netherlands many people will say: why would I bother, it is me who is of importance, not what I wear. However, when in a professional setting, and certainly when one is to meet clients or customers, it is of importance what you wear. one should realize that one may think oneself that things do not matter, but that others may have another idea.