Group sessions business etiquette

seminarBusiness etiquette in group sessions

Employers annually spend training budgets in the region of 5% (or more) of the total wages. This concerns primarily typical  job-related training: increasing the knowledge  of the employee in his field of work. Courses business etiquette usually do not form part of such standard package of courses.

Knowledge of business etiquette makes life easier. when you know the rules of the game, you can focus on the the work you must do. There is no need to constantly wonder whether people might think you do not behave properly, and are constantly judging you. It may help you feel more secure.

In sessions of a art of a day essentials of business etiquette are explained to groups, including: relations between people in general, relations on the workplace, meetings with clients, receptions, clothing and persona hygiene, dining; how to present yourself; what can you say and what can you not say; how to address people, is there a telephone etiquette; how to dress? All such matters and more are being discussed during the course.

Part of the sessions can be role-plays in which certain situations are enacted, such as what to do at receptions, how to deal with difficult customers, etc. Also, table manners may be practised.