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With his charm and kind approach Carel van Lynden succeeds in making “wellevendheid” appealing. He takes away the stiffly and formal image from the words “business etiquette” by approaching this more from an angle of courtesy. Examples given and movies from everyday life shown at the workshop gave us insight and pause for thought. Our people became even more conscious of good manners, but at the same time Carel has made clear that the starting point is one’s own professionalism and that one should make its own decisions what to do and how to do it.

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A group of enthousiastic law students visiting a lawfirm in The Hague:  “The students have learned a lot from Carel van Lynden’s workshop. There was ample room for questions and the sharing of own experiences, and a wide scope of subjets was discussed. In particular the correct manner of communication (presenting, titles in a professional environment) was considered as most enlightening and informative. Particularly because of the own work experience of Carel van Lynden, the workshop fitted well with the perception of the students”. 

In the context of pro bono activities, a group of young professionals: “Carel van Lynden introduced us to the world of wellevendheid in a very relaxed manner. I had asked Carel to bring together young professionals with a different cultural background around this theme. Although this was by no means an easy task, Carel did a great job. He greatly inspired us, and gave us a lot to talk about.